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Strengthen your social media presence with consistent and strategic posts. We first work with you to articulate your brand voice and objectives to create content that best reaches your target audience and stays true to your brand. Social media management includes scheduled posts on your choice of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & YouTube. Dai of Social will test new content and optimize for audience engagement.


A social media campaign is a coordinated marketing effort to reinforce or assist with a business using one or more social media platforms. Dai of Social works with you to create social media campaigns with your audience at the core of all messaging.  We begin by working with you to define project goals that focus on reach, engagement, and conversion. We then map out a plan to achieve these goals. Social media campaigns can include both organic and paid media, such as Facebook advertisements and promoted Instagram posts.


Dai of Social meets one-on-one with businesses to help you tackle your greatest marketing challenges. Whether its branding, building a strong customer base, event programming, or a problem specific to your business that you can’t quite figure out, Dai of Social will break down the issue and create a specific marketing plan to solve it in an efficient and sustainable manner. Bring your struggles and marketing issues to discuss, and let’s take your marketing to the next level. Feel more confident about your knowledge of marketing as it relates to your business's operations.


Boost your business and your brand with content that resonates with your audience. Leading customers to your page is one thinking, but getting them to stay is another. Copywriting services include website content, blog posts, product descriptions and announcements written with marketing and SEO in mind. For website copywriting, Dai of Social ensures each page has a clear purpose and adds value.


Your business is constantly evolving and so will the words on your webpage. Already have the words you want to use? Get a fresh perspective with a marketing eye for stronger, more concise content with attention to detail.


What’s more personal than a message sent directly from your business straight to your customer’s inbox? Email marketing is an effective way to engage with current customers and reach new ones. Dai of Social will work with you to build your email list, design and select the email newsletter structure that best fits your needs, and create relevant and engaging content for your readers.